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Professional vocals for your songs


Did you ever consider having your songs performed by professional vocalists, including smooth sounding backing vocals ?

Here’s a chance to take your composition to a whole new level!

Consider the following scenarios:

You have a composition with melody and lyrics and you want professional vocals for it.

You have a composition without melody or lyrics, but you already have an idea of what the song should be about. You might even have a couple of lines ready, but it only goes so far......

You just have a musical composition without vocals and no real ideas what to do with it.

You have a basic guitar/piano recording or midi file. You want to do the vocals yourself but you would like your basic concept turned into a professional sounding musical arrangement.

In all these cases we can offer our services!

We can provide your songs with professional vocals, reflecting just what you wanted to express with it. We can write tailor-made lyrics and vocal melodies for your songs.

We can turn your basic home recording into a professional sounding musical arrangement (perfect audio quality guaranteed).

You can have a fair amount of control on how your production will sound by way of dialogue (including tips and tricks from our part).