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Professional vocals for your songs


Walk the Change - Joanne Cooper (S.A.) video RnAM



Little Sixteen - Le Sixième Jour (France)                               


Fly - Paddy Gobel (S.A.)                              


Wine Red - Syvis Entertainment  (Finland)                             


Breaking Endlessly - Khan/Brown (U.S.)



Unconditional - Cathy Smith (U.S.)                               


Listen to what we’ve created for our clients. On some of these songs we did just the vocals. Some were produced and arranged by us.                               


Paddy Gobel, South Africa:

“Every songwriter’s dream, to hear your creative efforts lifted and sung to such a high standard, is very rewarding”                             


Hans Stiksma, The Netherlands:

“Your recordings sound so well balanced!”                          


Syvis Entertaiment, Finland:

“You did wonders to my song”                                 

Joanne Cooper, South Africa:

“The little time it took to create my song, goes to show how talented these guys are”

Cathy Smith, United States:

“Lovely!They were just some lines  in my head!”