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We Sing Your Song

Professional vocals for your songs


Vocals only: $100

Musical Arrangement only: $80

Lyrics only: $80

We offer a discount if you hire us for more than one option.

Your rights with our recordings:

Any song we create for you is yours, and yours alone. You own all the rights to it. This is the true meaning of the word Royalty-Free. You can publish your songs and sell your songs.  

We do appreciate it if you mention us or link back to us, but that’s no obligation.

No physical CDs

We don't send physical CDs. Doing that would include shipping cost, printing costs etc. Besides that, CDs are getting an old concept nowadays. Most media are played from MP3 players, USB drives etc.  We will send you the song in WAV, AIFF, WMA or MP3 format (always the best possible audio quality). You could then burn the song to CD yourself, or upload your song to YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo etc..

Receiving your file:

We can send your MP3 song by email. If you prefer a bigger format (WAV/AIFF) we can use Dropbox, WeTransfer or any other online service you prefer.