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 My name is Anne-Marie Bovenkamp. I've been singing for about 15 years now. I am the founder of a Dutch vocal group. We perform at parties, festivals etc. When it comes to studio recordings, I 'm specialized in melodic (layered) harmony vocals that add new dimensions and atmospheres to a song. I've been working with Rob for over 5 years now. Together we've written and arranged lots of songs in several styles, like Pop, Rock, Country, Folk, Dance, Blues and Jazz. Just like Rob I can also sing in English, French, German and of course Dutch. If you're interested in listening to some of my own compositions, here are some links:

Hope there's You - Colour me Flowers.

My name is Rob Meulman. I am an experienced singer/guitarist and performer. I'm also a singer-songwriter. I have written and arranged lots  of songs in many styles. Some may remember me by the Rob's Vocal  sample Packs I distributed through the years. Due to the timbre of  my  voice, many years of singing experience and my wide interest and practice in lots of musical styles,  I've become an all-around singer.

I can sing virtually anything whether it's country, rock, dance or pop. My versatility also shows in the languages I can sing. I can do English, Dutch, German and French songs. I am a musical perfectionist in every sense of the word. I never take the easy way out. I can deliver pitch perfect vocals, passionate and dynamic. Add perfect timing and authenticity to your music that make your songs shine! If you're interested in hearing my voice in action, here are some links:

Where did you go to my pretty Mandy - Lover's hook - Forced my name -  Instead

        Together we perform as RnAM. This is our Youtube channel